After School Coding Club for Primary & Junior Schools

Think Big Tech are proud to announce the successful launched of Think Big Coding Club.  Think Big Coding Club is open to all Primary & Junior Schools in Kent.  Coding Club is aimed at helping Schools deliver coding in line with a course of study meeting curriculum guidelines.

Think Big Tech have been involved in Schools IT Support for some time and we recognise the importance of being more than just another IT Support company, our role within schools is to ensure that schools are at the forefront of technology and also have the technical infrastructure in place to deliver to the curriculum.

We all understand that at any age in life, being interested and fascinated are key ingredients to how well and how fast we learn. In a world where Coding has become the driving force behind Games, Animation and Movies and many other applications, we feel we can present the best motivational forces to accelerate children`s learning, causing an earlier grasp of Reading, Writing and Maths, at a time that has seen some of these standards slip in recent years.

Younger students are more willing to learn and grasp concepts that have held little interest for them in the past…….

Until now.

With renewed interest and accessibility, children will read younger, calculate better and reach with greater vigour for their future. Armed with these gifts and with greater mental discipline they can apply their new found skills and maturity to an earlier accelerated learning, ready for the work environment, and prepared to become the programmers, designers and creators of all of our futures.

We believe our children should be the leaders of the World, not the followers.

While studying the curriculum recently we became aware of one of the biggest overhauls of the national curriculum in 14 years that came into effect on 1st September 2017, with information and communications technology (ICT) being replaced by a new computer science programme. As part of the new computing curriculum, coding will be taught in primary and secondary schools across England to children between the ages of five and 15.

To help schools deliver curriculum requirements we have set up after school coding clubs and assistants to teachers within the classroom.  All our staff are DBS checked.  We are in the process of developing a structured course of study that can be tailored and incorporated into the curriculum of any Primary or Junior School, to meet your requirements and within your budget.

Contact us today to see how Think Big Tech could benefit your School.


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