Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We are Kent’s leading ICT Company based in Discovery Park and we have seen a substantial increase in Kent businesses websites being hacked and personal data being held to ransom. Are your computers fully protected?

Are you 100% certain your Website, Networks and Infrastructure are secure and encrypted to prevent hackers from accessing private information or even worse holding your data to ransom?

With recent well documented Cyber Attacks on large corporations such as Yahoo, Wonga and the NHS now is the time to make sure your business is protected from such viruses and Ransomware. We are currently offering all local Kent businesses the opportunity for a free IT Security check to make sure you have measures in place to prevent a Cyber Attack on your company which we have seen can have a huge impact on the day to day running of your business. Our Cyber Security engineers will assess your infrastructure set-up and provide free vital advice regarding how your system can run more securely and effectively preventing all sorts of Cyber Attacks and other scams that could have an adverse affect on your business operations.

Think Big Technical Services are based at Discovery Park in Sandwich and we are offering Kent based organisations a FREE IT Network Security Check for the month of June and July. Is your Network and Infrastructure running to the best of its ability and is your IT security up-to-date? With recent security breaches affecting global organisations such as Yahoo, Wonga and more recently the NHS being held to ransom it is imperative as a small business that you have the right protection against cyber attacks and hackers.

We are offering you the opportunity for a FREE IT Security Health Check and technical advice regarding how your system can run more effectively and efficiently and most importantly prevent a cyber attack?

Our specialist trained engineers will perform the following checks to ensure your systems are working properly and are fully secure.
• Server Health & Performance
• Cyber Threat Protection
• Checking how robust your Anti-Virus is
• Checks to prevent hacking and spamming
• Infrastructure Speed
• Operating System Check
After our visit we will send you a detailed document with any issues we identify and suggestions on how to improve your network and infrastructure security.

To book your FREE IT Security Health Check please contact us:-

01304 806435

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