Ransomware Protection Advice

Ransomware Information from Think Big Tech & SOPHOS

Best security practices to apply now:
Backup regularly and keep a recent backup copy off-line and off-site
Enable file extensions
Open JavaScript (.JS) files in Notepad
Don’t enable macros in document attachments received via email
Be cautious about unsolicited attachments
Don’t give yourself more login power than you need
Consider installing the Microsoft Office viewers
Patch early, patch often
Stay up-to-date with new security features in your business applications
Are you emails blocking Executable files ?

Are you blocking certain file types from your network?

Is your Firewall locked down ?

Have you been your file permission to make sure only file access that is really need has been given ?

Is your antivirus definitions update ?

Have you checked your backup procedures ?

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Additional Information can be found by following the links below
Sophos KB: Wanna Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware

NakedSecurity: Wanna Decrypter 2.0 ransomware attack: what you need to know

Microsoft TechNet: Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks

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