SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity supports the person behind the uniform. Support is there for people at any stage in their military career; from the youngest recruit to the oldest veteran – no one’s service is ever forgotten. They give hope, help and personal support for as long as it takes.

Founded in 1885, SSAFA is the UK’s oldest national Armed Forces charity. It is not the most well-known, but the effect it has is dramatic. Quietly and effectively working away, this charity helps more than 73,000 people from the Forces family get on their feet; those currently serving, reserves, veterans and their families.

You could fill the O2 Arena 3 times over with the number of people SSAFA helps every year.

 SSAFA is made up from over 7,000 staff and volunteers; in every town, village and city across the UK.  Their volunteers visit, listen and fix the issues faced by our military community.

Largely, because they are volunteers, they can prove that 93p of every £1 donation goes to help people.  This is one of the best in the UK.

SSAFA also have Norton Homes that provide free accommodation for the families of service men and women receiving long-term rehabilitation.

SSAFA believes that the commitment of our Forces and their families deserves lifelong support.

SSAFA provide practical, emotional and financial support to anyone who is serving, or who has ever served, and their families.

Everyone joining the Rally for Heroes Event helps SSAFA continue their vital work with the Armed Forces Family.

Rally for Heroes is a unique biennial driving event, with every participant covering a minimum of 3,000 miles in recognition of the 456 lives lost during the Afghanistan conflict.

Created in 2010, Rally for Heroes has already raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for SSAFA. In 2018, Rally for Heroes raised a further £140,246.33 as they took 50 vehicles around 10 countries in just 10 days: starting in the UK and travelling through France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, Germany and Luxembourg.

Think BIG staff member Melissa St.George was proud to be a part of this event; she and her partner Mark Ellcock raised £3626.77 alone, all of which went directly through their Virgin Money Giving Page to SSAFA. They paid for all events costs themselves meaning every penny they raised went straight to the charity SSAFA.

Both Melissa and Mark plan to embark on the next Rally for Heroes event in 2020 and have started fundraising for this already. If you think you can help them with fundraising ideas, please contact Melissa at Think BIG by phone: 01843 570000, or by email: Alternatively, you can donate straight onto their Money Giving Page by following this LINK.

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