Office Relocation Services

Working alongside CAT-PSL we are able to offer a complete solution for all aspects of an office relocation.

Think Big Tech’s Move Management service make IT moves less of a headache.

We will manage the process through the whole of the move, including:


  • Planning
  • Decommissioning
  • Relocation
  • Reinstatement
  • Support


Customers can often under estimate the detailed planning that is required to implement a successful and stress free move. Often an office move will be passed to staff in the company that only undertake a small office move occasionally, therefore it’s no surprise that a move can be stressful or implementation is ‘last minute’.

We have had decades of experience moving companies of all sizes and all market sectors.


  • We agree a comprehensive plan to cover all aspects of your office or department move
  • We provide a dedicated Move manager to your project
  • We can carry out connectivity audits to ensure that once moved, connectivity is reinstated seemlessly
  • We will mark all floor and desk plans showing the current and the future positions for everthing
  • We can asset tag your equipment to ensure we agree the final resting place for all items of furniture and IT equipment
  • Work with and coordinate internal and external teams to ensure a complete understanding before the move commences



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