The “How” to having a website built.

The “How” to having a website built.


We know, we know… “It’s 2017 why haven’t Big RED Branding got an e-commerce website?” Well the main reason we’ve shied away from this was we supply so much! Where do we start? Big Red Branding supplies Embroidered and printed promotional clothing, corporate uniforms and workwear, add to this – over 5,000 promotional merchandise products, plus all types of corporate and promotional print and that’s before we even talk about bespoke product development! So the question wasn’t why, it was how!

“How, were we going to affectively have four websites in one?” i.e. Clothing, Merchandise, Print and Bespoke Product Source. “How, were we going to be able to make this work simply for the end user?” “How, were we going to drive traffic to the site and of course how would we achieve this for a viable cost?”

We started asking those same “how’s” of a number of web developers in September 2016 and it’s fair to say they were all kind of thinking (if not actually saying) the same “How?” questions and that they were not comfortable with the huge amount of data handling required.
We eventually met with Chris and Simon from Think BIG Tech and It’s fair to say they surprised us as every “How” question was pretty quickly shut down and they explained to us how, (even when we were being particularly pedantic) that our ideas and our vision for the website could be achieved. On this basis we decided to take the plunge – it’s fair to say it was every bit as hard as we expected (more for Think Big Tech!). As explained above, the site would effectively be four different websites in one and with ten buy processes and over 150,000 product lines, it was a massive and complicated process but we got there in the end.

So “how” did we get this to come together and work? One of the biggest factors in making this work was having a great working relationship with your web developer. We made changes at almost every turn and we must have been a real pain at times, however, we were only ever meet with a “can do” response and only occasionally a “no!” and then “and here’s why”.
So as well as having a website built, we’ve also learnt an awful lot about how to effectively run it moving forward that we’re sure will make all the difference in continuing to develop the website even further.
So really the question became not “how?” but “why not?”

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